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Code Compliance and Point of Sale Inspections


Effective September 1, 2019, certificates of code compliance, formerly known as certificates of occupancy, are required for new and changes of retail tenancies and before the sale of all non-owner-occupied residential rental properties. (L.C.O. §§ 1173.01, 1306.53.) Inspections – sometimes known as point-of-sale inspections – are required before these certificates may be issued. These inspections include the interior of a commercial space and the interior, exterior and yard areas of residential rental properties.  See a sample checklist here

To request an inspection, click here to go to Citizen Serve to fill out an online form or click here to download and fill in the form.

Please contact the Division of Housing and Building at or (216) 529-6270 to learn how to submit your request and schedule an inspection.