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Ohio Municipal League

The city of Lakewood utilizes the Ohio Municipal League as part of our advocacy effort to preserve our financial strength.

Ohio’s diverse municipal sector is working hard to address ongoing fiscal and operational issues as it partners with private and nonprofit organizations to improve job creation and retention. The sector’s strengths relate to its historic dynamism and to its entrepreneurial efforts to revitalize its many city-states and the regions they include. Its challenges are connected to structural economic pressures, many associated with a globalizing economy, and state policy issues, including funding cuts to municipalities.

The negative outcomes associated with the state’s municipal disinvestment are not limited to municipal finances and operations. Instead, they connect directly and profoundly to economic growth opportunities related to municipalities and their regional economies – economies that produce nearly 90% of Ohio’s gross state product. This means that stable, effective municipalities – and a revitalized state, municipal partnership – are essential ingredients in Ohio economic competitiveness. It’s no surprise that companies and investors increasingly take municipal vibrancy into serious consideration as they make business decisions. These realities mean that Ohio’s municipal sector, much of which has yet to recover from the Great Recession (2007-2009), needs a new strategy and a revitalized state partnership to capitalize on its economic potential. The strategy outlined below is a path forward on this important front – a path that will lead to more jobs and a stronger state economy.

To see the Strategic Framework & Action Agenda for Ohio’s Municipalities, click here.