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Landlord registrations

The city of Lakewood is dedicated to maintaining and preserving its vibrant housing stock — whether owner-occupied or investment properties.  The best way to keep current with changing trends and requirements is to attend our free Landlord Training Seminar, offered regularly.

Virtual Landlord Training Seminar
Available March 1st-March 31st

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and to help mitigate the spread of this virus, the Spring 2022 Landlord Training Seminar was recorded.  Please watch the video below and then fill out the completion form. 

After watching the video, click here to fill out the completion form.


Best Rental Practices: A Manual for Lakewood Landlords

  • Landlords+-

    Requirements for obtaining a housing or vacant property license may be found in Sections 1306.43 to 1306.491.  The city is offering the following resources to assist landlords in Lakewood.


  • Landlord Training Seminar Registration+-

    Landlord Training Registration

    Fill out this form to register for the required Landlord Training Seminar
  • Tenant Screening Discount Code+-

    The City of Lakewood discounted applicant screening service is now offered to all landlords within the city. The City has partnered with CoreLogic SafeRent to offer a full line of resident screening services utilizing SafeRent’s vast databases of landlord-tenant and criminal records. CoreLogic SafeRent is a comprehensive suite of screening services designed especially for the smaller landlord. SafeRent DIRECT includes the same vital leasing-decision services used by the nation’s largest real estate investment companies and property managers, including the only statistically validated tenant score.

    For more on SafeRent’s services, click here for their brochure.

    Landlords who use SafeRent to screen applicants under this program satisfy one of the three requirements for obtaining a housing license under Ord. 55-10, which became effective in May 2011.

    How the Program Works

    Lakewood landlords who use SafeRent’s online screening services will receive a substantial discount on packages offered by SafeRent. The discount code is for use only by landlords who own property in Lakewood, and the code must be kept confidential.

    Discounts are available only on screening packages ordered online through   All you need is the code we provide you in order to receive the discount. View the instructions on using the code by visiting by clicking here.

    Fill out the form here:

    Tenant Discount Screening Code

    The City of Lakewood discounted applicant screening service is now offered to all landlords within the city.

  • Register for your housing license+-


    Click here for information about renewing your housing license in 2022.

    Click here to go to our CitizenServe portal to apply for your housing license.

    Other important Details about the Lakewood Housing License Application

    • Non-owner Occupied Condominium: The fee for non-owner occupied condominium units is now $45.00 per unit.
    • Owner Occupied Condominiums & Condominium Buildings: There is no longer a fee for owner occupied condominium units or for condominium buildings.
    • Late Fees: Owners not securing a Housing license by November 1 will be assessed a late fee of twenty-five ($25.00) per unit.
    • Housing License fees are not pro-rated.
    • The Housing License Portal for the upcoming year opens August 1. 
    • Housing License fees are:
    Non-owner-occupied condominium units: $45.00 per unit
    Rooming house containing two or more tenants: $60.00 per unit
    Non-owner occupied one-or-two family structures: $75.00 per unit
    Three-family dwellings: $60.00 per non-owner occupied unit
    All other non-owner occupied structures: $45.00 per dwelling unit
    Multi-family buildings single license: $3,500.00 per building
    Vacant Property License: $200.00 per building


    We encourage you to reach out to our department at (216) 529-6270 or if we can help answer any questions about the housing license application process moving forward.

    Thank you for your continued commitment to and investment in the Lakewood community

    Click here to go to our CitizenServe portal to apply for your housing license.

    Rental Property List

    Click here to fill out the Non-Renewal of Housing License Form.



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  • Landlord Housing Voucher Survey Results+-

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