City of Lakewood Fire Rescue Task Force Signs Memorandum of Understanding with the Federal Bureau of Investigation  | The City of Lakewood, Ohio

City of Lakewood Fire Rescue Task Force Signs Memorandum of Understanding with the Federal Bureau of Investigation 

January 24, 2020

On January 23rd, 2020, Lakewood Mayor Meghan F. George signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) authorizing the City of Lakewood Fire Rescue Task Force to provide emergency medical services for Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) tactical events and training scenarios.

The purpose of this MOU is to facilitate and enhance emergency medical treatment capabilities and presents tremendous training opportunities for members of the City of Lakewood’s Fire Rescue Task Force. It will enhance Lakewood’s level of preparedness and effective response to non-fire emergencies including active shooter scenarios, homeland security incidents, and natural disasters.

“Proactive, innovative training agreements like this one are what will enable Lakewood’s first responders to provide the best possible service to Lakewood residents and our neighbors,” said Mayor George. “It is imperative that we seize these opportunities now to ensure the proper  protection of our residents and critical infrastructure in the future.”

Lakewood’s Fire Rescue Task Force was started in 2006 in response to dangerous emergency incidents occurring across the country in public gathering spaces.

“After seeing the response emergency incidents in public locations across the country, we knew that we needed to be prepared to respond to anything,” said Lakewood Paramedic and Lead Westshore Enforcement Bureau SWAT Team Medic Scott Russell.

The Fire Rescue Task Force training is specifically focused on collaborating with law enforcement and providing quick, immediate medical assessment and intervention in the instance of a large public emergency. Every member of the Lakewood Fire Department is Fire Rescue Task Force trained.

The relationship between the FBI and the Lakewood Fire Department was strengthened during the 2016 Republican National Convention and proved to offer valuable joint training opportunities. This agreement builds on the success of these exercises.

“This agreement helps to raise the level of expertise that the Lakewood Fire Department can offer residents,” said Fire Chief Tim Dunphy. “Combining our efforts like this also helps to ensure that we avoid the duplication of services, and positions Lakewood as a leader in the region.”