City of Lakewood Recognized as a 2020 Tree City USA | The City of Lakewood, Ohio

City of Lakewood Recognized as a 2020 Tree City USA

February 17, 2021

The City of Lakewood has been named a 2020 Tree City USA by the Arbor Day Foundation in honor of the City’s dedication to urban forestry health and management. This is the 44th consecutive year that Lakewood has received this distinction.

Mayor Meghan George said, “Maintaining a healthy urban forest is important for both our environment and our citizens. Trees directly negate the effects of climate change and help to improve air quality, which are important considerations in an urban community like Lakewood. I also appreciate the value trees bring to make our neighborhoods more beautiful, encourage outdoor activity, and improve the mental health and overall wellbeing of our residents.”

The Arbor Day Foundation recognizes cities that have shown excellence in upholding the foundation’s four core standards in healthy urban forestry management. These include employing a Tree Department, establishing a Tree Care Ordinance, maintaining a Community Forestry Program, and organizing an annual Arbor Day observance.

Roman Ducu, Lakewood’s Public Works Director, said, “It’s an honor to be named a Tree City USA for the 44th year in a row. Lakewood is committed to maintaining and expanding our urban forest in a sustainable and equitable way that benefits everyone in our community. We all know how important trees are to the health of our world, and we are excited to continue this momentum and receive this distinction for years to come.”

Lakewood is one of over 240 cities in Ohio to receive the Tree City USA recognition, with a statewide total of 25,649 trees planted and more than $43,000,000 spent on urban forestry management initiatives since the inception of the program.

Sam Bonvissuto, Division of Streets and Forestry Manager, said, “Urban forestry has remained a primary focus of Lakewood for many years. Much of our community’s fabric is based on outdoor, social activities that wouldn’t be possible without healthy green space and adequate forestry along our streets and in our parks. We will continue to work every day to maintain a beautiful and healthy urban canopy for our city.”

Mayor George added, “I am proud that our community can be held to such a high standard and that we can be an example for other cities looking to improve on their own forestry initiatives. I would like to thank the Arbor Day Foundation for recognizing us and our efforts.”