City of Lakewood Responds to Gun Violence at Madison Park | The City of Lakewood, Ohio

City of Lakewood Responds to Gun Violence at Madison Park

April 14, 2021

Last night, one person was shot at Madison Park and transported to MetroHealth, where he underwent surgery. Lakewood Police are investigating.

At 6:45pm on April 13, Lakewood Police received a call indicating gunshots had been fired near the south side of Madison Park. Lakewood Police officers arrived on the scene moments later and discovered an 18-year-old male with two apparent gunshot wounds being attended to by our Division of Parks Security Guard. Lakewood Fire Paramedics arrived to transport the victim to MetroHealth Hospital. Lakewood Police are investigating.

Mayor Meghan George said, “To the victim of this shooting, we wish you a full recovery. Lakewood’s Parks are a sacred place to our community and I am heartbroken to have violence like this occur anywhere in our community, but especially at Madison Park.”

“To Lakewood’s First Responders: Thank you. By all accounts, our Division of Parks security guard’s quick reaction saved this victim’s life. Our security guard is a retired Cleveland Police detective and was making his rounds last night at Madison Park when the incident occurred. Our security guard immediately called 911 and began administering first aid to the shooting victim until Lakewood Police and Fire EMS arrived. Our Police Department also reacted quickly and continues to investigate this crime. I was on-hand at the police station for hours last night, as leads were worked through and progress was made on the investigation. That work is not only important in providing justice for this victim, but in providing safety and restoring security for our Lakewood community.”

“To the criminals bringing this violence to our community, a warning: Lakewood is not a place for violent criminals. If you have or use illegal firearms in Lakewood, we will prosecute to the fullest extent the law allows. Our Police are in our parks right now and they will continue to be there. Our Police are patrolling Lakewood. We are ready.”

“To the Lakewood community, a commitment: While there is no absolute way to prevent random acts of violence, I have made it clear to our Police Department that Lakewood is not a place for criminals to come with their guns and settle disagreements. Lakewood is our home and our expertly trained Police Department will protect it.”

“The measures we are taking in response to recent violence in our community are the following:

  • Increasing patrols, across the community and in the parks, specifically in Madison Park, in response to other incidents. There were two officers in the area of Madison Park in the hour before the incident.
  • Deploying a dedicated police presence at Madison Park seven days a week during peak hours to monitor activity, deter any visitors with ill intent, and provide immediate response should any situation arise.
  • Enhancing security cameras throughout the City, where appropriate, to assist our police officers in responding, apprehending, and prosecuting criminals. Our cameras have been essential in apprehending suspects in other recent gun violence.
  • Addressing the trauma caused by these recent incidents via communitywide response efforts.”

Police Chief Kevin Kaucheck added, “The Lakewood Police Department is grateful for the cooperation of the community in resolving the recent spate of gun violence that has spilled into Lakewood. As we have always said, if you see something that seems out of place, please call the Lakewood Police non-emergency number at 216-521-6773 to have an officer dispatched, or in an emergency dial 911.”

Lakewood Police Department is staffed by sworn officers who are experts in Crisis Intervention Training and other techniques to reduce the necessity for use of force. Since 2015, major violent crime has been decreasing annually in Lakewood.

Mayor George added, “The Police Department and I look forward to working with the community and City Council in using all the tools available to us to prioritize public safety. Lakewood, similar to regional and national trends, has seen an increase in gun-related crimes. We are committed to getting and keeping guns out of our parks and off our streets.”