'Green Pavement' Unveiled on Franklin Boulevard Bike Lanes | The City of Lakewood, Ohio

‘Green Pavement’ Unveiled on Franklin Boulevard Bike Lanes

November 12, 2015

The city of Lakewood took another step forward in its goal to becoming the most bike-friendly city in the state of Ohio.

Crews from Ennis-Flint put the finishing touches on new “green asphalt” in two locations on the designated bike lanes on Franklin Avenue, near Lakewood High School.

The new stretches of bike lane — made of a composite plastic material — are designed to provide an additional visual cue to remind both drivers and cyclists of the shared space on the roadways.

The city of Lakewood selected the two high-traffic locations as part of a pilot project effort.

“This installation will help to better inform us on our continued approach to provide safe, convenient, and integrated transportation options throughout the community,” said city planner Bryce Sylvester, in the city’s department planning and development.

“We’re continuing our effort to move Lakewood toward being the most bike friendly community in the state. This project certainly helps.”

The goal with this pilot project is to increase safety for cyclists in high-density areas. City officials will review the results of the pilot in the spring, to evaluate how the lanes withstood winter conditions.

“Lakewood is the first in Cuyahoga County to use of bicycle green to more visibly and safely demarcate bicycle-vehicle conflict zones,” said at-large city councilman Tom Bullock. “I look forward to broader use of green markings and to more best practices in Lakewood as we pursue our goal of becoming the most bicycle-friendly city in Ohio.”