Lakewood Announces Second Round of Small Business Rent Relief Grant Program | The City of Lakewood, Ohio

Lakewood Announces Second Round of Small Business Rent Relief Grant Program

August 06, 2020

City of Lakewood Announces Second Round of  Small Business Rent Relief Grant Program–Program Applications Beginning August 6th for Grants up to $7,000

The City of Lakewood announced the second round of its popular Small Business Rent Relief grant program today. Applications will be accepted starting August 6th and are available at

Mayor Meghan George said, “My administration created this program in the early days of the quarantine back in March to ensure City resources were being granted to the small business community in a direct, streamlined, and useful way. I am pleased to announce more resources are available and we are adjusting the eligibility of the program to reach applicants who may not have qualified during our initial rollout but are in dire need, like so many businesses in our community.”

The City of Lakewood’s Small Business Relief Program provides emergency assistance to income-eligible Lakewood small businesses that have experienced a reduction in revenue as a result of the current public health emergency. Assistance is up to $7,000 per business to cover rent and eligible payroll expenses.

Applications will be accepted until all funds have been awarded. Funds for the second round of the Small Business Relief Program were made available in recent weeks through CARES Act funds from the federal government.

Shawn Leininger, Director of Planning for the City of Lakewood, said, “This program was a clear demonstration of a city government’s commitment to its local small businesses. Now that Mayor George has asked not only to continue the program due to its incredible demand, but to expand the program and its eligibility requirements. I cannot imagine many other cities in the region or state who are doing as much as the City of Lakewood to support small businesses in their greatest time of need. My department has been working tirelessly to deliver these resources to those in our City who need them.”

The City of Lakewood will make $445,870 available for this round of small business grants. The City issued $187,492.92 in grants during the initial phase of the Small Business Rent Relief grant program to 118 small businesses in Lakewood, completed May 5, 2020.

“We understood at the very beginning of this pandemic that the public health crisis was the front end of the equation—the economic fallout would be severe. Lakewood is so proud of its small businesses and Shop Local mentality. It is what makes us who we are. As vibrant as our small business community is, they are acutely vulnerable to the kind of disruption or total shutdown that has resulted from the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic. I want to do everything within the power of the Mayor’s Office to support our small businesses. I’m grateful yet again for the support of our partners, LakewoodAlive and the Lakewood Chamber of Commerce, for their roles in making this happen for Lakewood small businesses,” Mayor Meghan George said.

While the first round of the Small Business Rent Relief grant program in spring 2020 focused on businesses that line Lakewood’s commercial corridors, funds announced for the second round will reimburse for expenses during the period of April 1, 2020 through August 1, 2020 and will have the following criteria:

  • Be physically located in the City of Lakewood
  • Be in good standing with the City of Lakewood (i.e. no tax delinquencies)
  • Have been established prior to January 1, 2020
  • Employ five or fewer employees, including the business owner (combined hours cannot exceed 200 per week)
  • Rent a retail or commercial space and may not own or have an ownership interest in the building (home based businesses are not eligible)
  • The businessowner must meet HUD income eligibility criteria

Ian Andrews, Executive Director of LakewoodAlive, said, “Small business is big business in Lakewood and our local entrepreneurs have been dealt a massive blow due to COVID-19, not just in sales but in the health and safety of their guests, staff, and significantly-altered supply chains. Lakewood’s second rent relief program, funded by Congress with federal rules, will support our smallest businesses as they struggle to remain open. LakewoodAlive is proud to partner with the City to help small businesses work their way through this process in order to pay one of their biggest fixed costs.”

For more information on the Small Business Rent Relief grant program and other Business Emergency Resources, visit For assistance with your application, contact LakewoodAlive at or contact the Planning & Development Department via email at