Lakewood is Fertile Ground for Small Businesses | The City of Lakewood, Ohio

Lakewood is Fertile Ground for Small Businesses

October 17, 2015

During the past several years, Lakewood has experienced a surge in development activity, particularly with the growth of small businesses.

That’s thanks in no small part to an active and engaged business community that has been a part of Lakewood since the city’s beginning.

“Our local economy benefits greatly from the hundreds of small businesses that enhance Lakewood and keep our community one of the most attractive places to live in Ohio,” said Mayor Michael Summers.

“They are key to Lakewood’s quality of life, creating jobs, investing in our 100-year-old buildings, and providing essential goods and services.”

Lakewood City Hall is here to help, too. The city offers programs and initiatives that include Startup Lakewood, Storefront Renovation Program, the Economic Development Fund, Madison on the Move, and technical assistance from the city’s planning and building departments.

Additionally, LakewoodAlive and the Lakewood Chamber of Commerce also provide support to the city’s business community.

Here is a list of some of the businesses — big and small — that have launched in Lakewood during the past five years.

  • 16 Bit Arcade
  • ABC Lettering
  • Artists Uncork’d
  • AoDK Architecture
  • Avalon Exchange
  • Avenue Taphouse
  • Barroco
  • Barrio
  • Beat Cycles
  • Bevy in Birdtown
  • Birdtown Beverage
  • Birdtown Crossfit
  • Blackbird Bakery
  • Bob Evans
  • Brown Sugar Thai
  • Campbell’s Popcorn
  • Chinor
  • Chow Chow Kitchen
  • Cleveland Pickle
  • Cleveland Vegan
  • Cornucopia Headquarters
  • Cotton
  • Cozumel
  • Cube Space
  • Decision Desk
  • Dollar General
  • Dunkin Donuts
  • East End Bistro
  • El Carnicero
  • Erie Energy Consultants
  • Falafel Express
  • Family Dollar
  • Fear’s Confections
  • Forage Public House
  • Full Bloom Photography
  • Furry Nation
  • GV Art and Design
  • Game On
  • Gatherings Kitchen
  • Georgetown
  • GNC
  • Great Clips
  • Griffin Cider Works
  • Hawthorn Wire Services
  • Humble Wine Bar
  • Ice Cream Joy
  • Ilthy
  • Images Photographic Art Gallery
  • In the Doghouse
  • Jammy Buggers
  • Jimmy John’s
  • KB Confections
  • Lakewood Garden Center
  • Lakewood Learning Center
  • Little Lakewood Pasta Company
  • Malley’s Corporate Headquarters
  • Mama Lola’s
  • Menchies
  • Merrell Music
  • Midtown Booths
  • Movement Factory
  • Museum of Divine Statues
  • Namaste
  • Newry Corp
  • O’Toole’s
  • Oasis Bakery
  • Onix Networking
  • Only in the Cleve
  • Over the Moon Studio
  • Paisley Monkey
  • Pink Lotus Yoga
  • Pizza Bogo
  • Precision Security
  • Puma Yoga
  • Quaker Stake
  • Robek’s
  • Robusto & Briar
  • Roxu Fusion
  • Scalish Construction
  • Second Ride
  • Shinn Lanter, LLP
  • Slone & Company
  • Source Yoga
  • Stem Handmade Soap
  • Tea Lab
  • Tease Salon
  • Tempest Inc.
  • Textbook Painting
  • The Detroiter
  • The Gorilla
  • The Bookshop in Lakewood
  • The Sweet Spot
  • Tomori’s Pizza
  • University of Akron Lakewood
  • Urban Bulk Foods
  • Value World
  • Vodoo Tuna
  • Vosh
  • Wingstar Transportation
  • Winthrop Holsters

“We’d like to thank all of our small businesses — community institutions like Geiger’s and Malley’s and newcomers like Griffin Cider House and GV Art and Design — for their continued investment in Lakewood,” added Summers.