Lakewood Seeking Support for 2020 Census Complete Count Committee | The City of Lakewood, Ohio

Lakewood Seeking Support for 2020 Census Complete Count Committee

July 23, 2019

Nine months from now, the 2020 Census Count will take place. The United States Constitution mandates that a full and accurate census be taken. To make this possible, each community must do its part to ensure accuracy.

The City of Lakewood has already forwarded an accurate parcel list to be included in this count. Our next obligation is that each parcel shall participate in the 2020 Census Count and respond to the questionnaire that will be sent to each address.

Experience indicates that very few households will respond upon simply receiving the forms. Consequently, it is imperative that we embark on a follow up effort to educate and encourage our neighbors to complete the census forms.

Census data is used to determine how congressional seats are apportioned, how state and federal funding is allocated, and influences decisions by the private sector on where to locate their businesses. To ensure that Lakewood achieves an accurate count, Mayor Summers is seeking support from interested citizens to develop a Complete Count Committee. Traditionally, the Complete Count Committee includes important and trusted institutions and their leadership. This should include representation from the education, medical, business, real estate and landlord, nonprofit, and citizen leadership communities.

Do you know the perfect person to engage in this important effort? Are you interested in participating on the Complete Count Committee? Please send an email with your stated interest in the Complete Count Committee and relevant contact information to or call the mayor’s office at 216-529-6600

In addition to the Complete Count Committee, the 2020 Census offers paid job opportunities. Further information can be found at