Lakewood Unveils Second Public EV Charging Station | The City of Lakewood, Ohio

Lakewood Unveils Second Public EV Charging Station

July 05, 2019

Getting a charge for your electric vehicle (EV) in Lakewood is now easier than ever! The City has installed two public EV charging stations with Energized Community Program grant funding from NOPEC Inc. and NextEra Energy. The stations include a Level 2 charging station at Lakewood City Center (Marc’s Plaza) and a DC Fast Charger at Serpentini Winterhurst Arena (14740 Lakewood Heights Boulevard).

The DC Fast Charger is the most recent addition to the Lakewood’s burgeoning EV infrastructure portfolio. This charger, located on the north side of the Serpentini Winterhurst Arena parking lot, is the City’s first DC Fast Charge station, which allows for rapid recharging of many types of electric vehicles (often 80% battery within 30 minutes). This site was chosen because of its proximity to I-90. In addition to serving users within Lakewood, this location will serve as part of a network of Fast Chargers along Ohio’s interstate highways enabling electric vehicles to extend their range for longer trips.

The City’s Level 2 charging station, located adjacent to Marc’s Plaza in Lakewood City Center, is used almost three times a day to charge vehicles whose owners are shopping, dining, or visiting in Lakewood.

The primary goal of the NOPEC, Inc. and NextEra Energy Energized Community Program is to help communities implement energy infrastructure measures. Other Energized Community projects completed in Lakewood include the conversion of Detroit and Madison streetlights to LED fixtures and installation of solar panels on the Refuse & Recycling Building.