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Cove Park

Re-envisioning our neighborhood parks

Three concepts were presented to the community during the second engagement session at City Hall and through our on-line survey. Your feedback has helped to narrow the focus and the design is nearing completion. Please join us in the city hall auditorium at 7 p.m., Thursday, Nov. 3, 2016 when the 80% concept design is presented to the Planning Commission.

Take a detailed look at the 80 percent Cove Park Concept here:


After meeting with stakeholder groups, internal research, and listening to residents like you at our first public meeting and online, our consultants have crafted three (3) concepts that incorporate much of what we heard from the community. Each concept prioritizes different amenities/items and we want to hear from you again to further refine a master plan for Cove Park.

Design Concept No. 1 

Cove Park Concept 1

Design Concept No. 2

Cove Park Concept 2

Design Concept No. 3

Cove Park Concept 3


Each concept for Cove Park incorporates not only what we have heard from residents throughout this process, it also incorporates the six (6) community priorities in the Parks Master Plan Strategic Update, which set out to guide future improvements throughout our park system. A six community priorities are:

  1. Safety
  2. Quality of Facilities
  3. Access
  4. Natural Resources
  5. Cultural and Social Resources
  6. Year Round Use Additionally, the improvement plans will consider the following design elements:
  • Designs will be beautiful, durable and easy to maintain. Elements should exhibit thoughtful design, efficiency and longevity.
  • Harmony between design elements, equipment and topography will effortlessly blend form and function.
  • Designs will provide innovative solutions for on-site design challenges.
  • Designs will address connectivity to and throughout the park.

Download the Parks Strategic Plan here

For more information, contact Michelle Nochta, City Planner, at or at 216-529-5906.

Cove Park

  • Cove Park Community Meeting, No. 1+-

    The Cove park visioning session at City Hall was a success. Longtime residents and community leaders came to the meeting to share their experiences at Cove Park over the years. It was great to get a historical perspective of the park. After sharing stories of the past the residents offered their ideas and hopes for the future of Cove Park. If you want to share a story of the past or a vision for the future of Cove Park please take a few moments to fill out this brief survey. We’d love to hear from you!

  • Lakewood at a glance+-

    The City of Lakewood, Ohio, is an inner-ring street car suburb of Cleveland. Nearly 52,000 people live within our 5.53 square mile community. Lakewood’s economy is large, diverse, and local. It is made up of primarily small businesses that are agile and thriving.

    • Lakewood’s largest collective employer are small businesses – 75% of the 12,000 workers in Lakewood are employed by small businesses
    • 100 small businesses have either opened or gone through a major renovation in the last 4 years
    • Since 2008 Lakewood has seen a total private commercial investment of upwards of $100MM
    • $2 MM dollar Solstice Steps project completed in 2015
    • $80 MM dollar school renovation projects to complete fall 2017
  • Cove Park site overview+-

    Cove Park site overview

  • Scope of Work+-

    Scope of Work

    Task One: Data Gathering – Existing Condition Assessment

    1. Data collection, review and analysis.

    a. Conduct site visits to gain an understanding of existing conditions of the park demand/usage, as well as neighborhood needs.

    b. Meet with community stakeholders and residents, alongside city staff, to gather opinions and thoughts to inform the preliminary design. A separate meeting shall be conducted for each park.

    c. Review existing planning documents, topography maps, historical data, and existing capital improvement plans.

    d. Identify specific features and/or elements that support and enhance the character of the parks.

    e. Identify potential pedestrian, bicycle and vehicular circulation challenges and opportunities.

    Deliverable: one electronic copy of Existing Conditions and Data report.

    Task Two: Preliminary Park Plan Options

    1. Prepare preliminary improvement plan options.

    a. The plan should include maps and drawings that clearly illustrate the preliminary improvement options.

    b. Design enhancements that complement and build upon existing park improvements.

    c. Meet with community stakeholders and residents with a 60% design concept to solicit feedback to inform the final park improvement plan.

    d. Regularly meet with city staff throughout design process.

    Deliverable: Two hardcopies and one electronic copy of preliminary improvements options report.

    Task Three: Final Concept Improvement Plan

    1. Prepare final concept improvement plan.

    a. Prepare a final concept improvement plan for each park which is predicated on community and staff selection from the options in Task 2.

    b. The plan should include maps, drawings and 3-D graphic representations that clearly illustrate the final concept improvement plan.

    c. Include product spec sheets for available proposed materials and equipment.

    d. Incorporate stormwater management techniques and energy efficient technologies where they reduce maintenance costs and provide added value

    e. Identify potential grants and or other funding sources for project elements.

    f. Provide an estimate for probable construction costs.

    Deliverable: Two hardcopies and one electronic copy of the final concept improvement plan.

  • Cove Park Photos+-

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