Department of Human Services at Cove Community Center | The City of Lakewood, Ohio

Department of Human Services at Cove Community Center

Department of Human Services at
Cove Community Center

12525 Lake Avenue
Lakewood, Ohio  44107


If you are looking for Tax Preparation Assistance, please dial 211 and they will give you locations and numbers as to who is offering assistance.  We, unfortunately, do not have tax preparation assistance at Cove Community Center or through the Lakewood Division of Aging.

At Cove Community Center, the Lakewood Department of Human Services provides a continuum of responsive programs and services that enhance promote the health and well being of individuals, families and the community.

Senior Services

Family and Youth Programs and Services 

  • Human Services Calendar+-

    Click here to view the Department of Human Services calendar.

  • Cove Community Center Rentals+-

    Click here to view information about renting Cove Community Center.

  • Community Meals+-

    Congregate Meals

    Hot meals are served Monday through Friday at 11:45 am for people 60 years of age or older at two senior center locations. Transportation is available for Lakewood residents to both senior centers. Call (216) 521-1515 Monday through Wednesday to make lunch and/or transportation reservations for the following week.

    Home Delivered Meals

    Hot meals are delivered Monday through Friday to Lakewood residents 60 years or older who are homebound. Application process required. Call (216) 521-1515 for information. Special diet meals are available.

    Suggested donation for Congregate and Home Delivered Meals is $1.00.

    To learn more about congregate or home delivered meals, please call 216-521-1515 or send an email.

    Community Meals

    The Lakewood Community Services Center keeps a complete calendar of community meals in Lakewood. To have a look at those resources in the community, please click here.

  • County-wide Crisis Hotlines+-

    • Child abuse/neglect: (216) 696-5437
    • Imminent Danger: 911
    • Mental health emergency: (216) 623-6888
  • The Lakewood Foundation+-

    The Lakewood Foundation is a private, not for profit, community-based organization. The Lakewood Foundation enhances the lives of Lakewood residents by serving as the fiscal agent for service groups and city departments. The trustees of the Lakewood Foundation supervise and support special projects they believe will further the well being of the Lakewood community. The Lakewood Foundation serves as the fiscal agent for the Lakewood Family Room. Monetary donations to the Lakewood Family Room can be made through the Foundation’s website or by check payable to the Lakewood Foundation.

  • Human Services FAQs+-

    Department of Human Services-216-529-6685

    Q:        What is Cove Community Center 

    A:        Cove Community Center is the home for the Department of Human Services for the City of Lakewood.  CCC opened in April of 2022 after renovation of the former Cove United Methodist Church. After Extensive Renovation the 3 current divisions in the Department of Human Services Division of Aging, Division of Youth, and Division of Early Childhood all can serve the residents under 1 roof. Cove Community Center is truly an intergenerational hub of services for the residents of our community and beyond. 

    Q:        What does the Department of Human Services do?

    A:        The Department of Human Services located in the Cove Community Center is committed to improving the quality of life and promoting the well-being of all Lakewood residents. Human Services delivers effective and innovative programs through Early Childhood, Youth and Senior Services to identify the multifaceted and complex needs individuals and families may encounter and link them to community resources.

    Q:        How do I rent space at Cove? 

    A:        Thank you for your interest in renting space at Cove Community Center. Reservations can be made by visiting  Feel free to email or call us with any questions—216-529-5061. 

    Q:        Is this the county?

    A:        No.  This is the City of Lakewood. All county related assistance including child support, food stamps, health insurance, job training, and emergency assistance, can be found by calling Cuyahoga County Department of Jobs and Family Services at (216) 987-7000 or visiting

    Q:        I live in Lakewood and am being evicted, who can assist me?

    A:         Please call Lakewood Community Services Center at (216) 226-6466 or visit

    Q:        I need help paying my utilities, who can assist me?

    A:        Please call Lakewood Community Services Center at (216) 226-6466 or visit

    Q:        Where can I go for food and food stamps?

    A:        Please call Lakewood Community Services Center at (216) 226-6466 or visit  They have a food pantry, food assistance, and calendar for community meals. To see the most current Community Meal Calendar, click here.

    For food assistance and or food stamps please contact Cuyahoga County Department of Jobs and Family Services at  (216) 987-7000.                                        

    Q:        I have items I would like to donate, who can accept these donations?

    A:        The Department of Human Services relies on monetary donations to support programs and services provided to the Lakewood community and welcome monetary donations at any time through the Lakewood Foundation.  To donate other items, please contact United Way’s 211 First Call for Help by calling 211.

    Q:        I don’t have a doctor and I need assistance with paying my prescriptions, who can I call?

    A:       Please contact Neighborhood Family Practice (A Federally Qualified Health Center) at  (216) 281-0872. They have a Health Center in Lakewood Called North Coast Community Health Center located at 11906 Madison Ave. 

    For additional information on prescription assistance please contact United Way’s 211 First Call for Help by calling 211.

    Q:        I am a veteran needing assistance, can city help me?

    A:        For veteran’s services and benefits, contact the Cuyahoga County Veteran’s Services Commission at (216) 698-2600.

    Q:        I am unemployed, where can I find a job?

    A:         Contact Cuyahoga County Department of Jobs and Family Services at (216) 987-7000.

    Q:        I am a homeowner and need assistance with home repairs and/or yard work?

    A:         Call Lakewood Alive at (216) 521-0655.

    Q:        I think I may have bedbugs, what do I do?

    A:        Call Lakewood Alive at (216) 521-0655.

    Q:        I am having financial difficulty, can anyone help me?

    A:      If you are a caregiver you are invited to attend one of our financial literacy classes at Cove Community Center

    Or  Call ESOP (Financial Wellness and Housing Stability) at 216-791-8000 

    Q:        Is this the social security office?

    A:         No.  Please call the Lakewood Social Security Office at (1-800) 772-1213

    For Additional Resources:

    • Questions related to utility assistance, job assistance, mental health, evictions, food, shelter, basic needs: Call Lakewood Community Services Center  at (216) 226-6466.
    • Questions related to benefits including food stamps, child support, social security, health insurance, etc: Call Cuyahoga County Department of Jobs and Family Services at   (216) 987-7000.
    • Questions related to housing maintenance, labor/contractor services, yard care, guidance on housing compliance: Call Lakewood Alive at (216) 521-0655.