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Community Development

The Division of Community Development offers programs to help residents and businesses maintain property values and improve the appearance of our community including:

Lakewood Home Program

Homeowners Tax Abatement Program

Home Improvement Loans

Rental Restoration Loans

Home Improvement Rebates

Weatherization Grants

For more information about any of these programs, contact the Division of Community Development at 216-529-4663 or send an email to

  • Affordable Housing Strategy+-

    In 2019 the City of Lakewood developed an Affordable Housing Strategy to address the needs of Lakewood’s low and middle income residents.  This Strategy is a dynamic plan that will be updated as new initiatives addressing current and future housing market conditions are implemented.

    Click here to view the City’s Affordable Housing Strategy.

    Click here to view information about Step 8 of the Affordable Housing Strategy which expanded the existing citywide CRA #1 to promote in the development of new affordable rental housing with at least 100 units.

  • Housing Financial Assistance+-

    The Lakewood HOME Program provides one of the best mortgage financing packages available to qualified first time homebuyers interested in purchasing a Lakewood home. Assistance, which comes in the form of a 0% interest, no monthly payment second mortgage is used to assist with both down payment and closing costs. Learn more

    The Department of Planning and Development offers a variety of other housing financial assistance programs that may suit your needs. Learn more

    To get more information — or to find out if you qualify — call (216) 529-HOME (4663) or send an email to

  • Home Improvement Financial Assistance Programs+-

    Click here for information on financial assistance for home improvements.

  • Homeowner's Tax Abatement Program+-

    The City of Lakewood was the first municipality in the State of Ohio to enact legislation allowing homeowner’s to qualify for a property tax abatement that defers a property tax increase for five (5) years on qualifying home improvements. This was done to encourage property owners to reinvest in their properties.

    The Tax Abatement Program is administered through the Cuyahoga County Property Appraisal Department and applies to one- and two-family dwelling units. The abatement is for certain new construction and improvement projects that cost at least $2,500 and cause an increase in the assessed value of the property. The City of Lakewood automatically notifies the County of all qualifying projects once work is complete and permits have been closed.

    Eligible Projects are:

    • Additions
    • Accessory Buildings (Garages)
    • Indoor Fireplaces
    • In-ground pools
    • Major Rehab Projects
    • New Whole House Air Conditioning
    • New Decks and Porches (Not Replacements)

    (Note: Not all projects raise property values and do not qualify for abatement)

    The County utilizes the information from the City of Lakewood when determining the value for your property.