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Citizens Advisory Committee

Citizens Advisory Committee

The Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) is a 17-member committee, and includes 9 members appointed by the Mayor to serve two-year terms and 8 members appointed by the City Council to serve one-year terms.

The CAC is charged with the responsibility of reviewing and researching Community Development needs and the Consolidated Plan of the City of Lakewood. In this context, the CAC reviews various proposals for federal funds and makes recommendations to the City Council as to what programs would be funded and at what funding levels in a particular year. The CAC members analyze requests for funds in relation to the needs of the community and the amount of funds available.

In order to ensure that all citizens of Lakewood have an opportunity to discuss community needs and proposed programs, the CAC holds two public hearings. The first, held near the beginning of the review process, provides an opportunity for discussion of community needs. The second public hearing, held at the end of the process, is devoted largely to comments with regard to any proposed programs.

The work of the CAC takes place over approximately seven evening meetings, beginning in early August and ending in early October. The first meeting includes a training session for new CAC members. The first or second meeting is a general organizational meeting for all members providing a review of federal regulations and distribution of Committee members’ notebooks. The final meeting of the CAC is also the date of the second public hearing at which citizens may comment on any proposals being considered by the Committee. Citizens may also comment on the Consolidated Plan and various community needs. The Mayor is invited to this meeting to present comments with regard to the various proposals.

Following this public hearing, the Committee will discuss the proposals for using the funds in relation to community needs. Proposals are prioritized and funding recommendations are made. A written CAC report is sent to the Mayor and to City Council.

When City Council receives the CAC recommendations, the report is generally referred to a Committee. CAC members are then invited to attend the Committee meeting(s) for their input during the final decision-making process.

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