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Safe Place Initiative

Safe Place Initiative

Bringing a Safe Place Initiative to Lakewood Police Department

This concept was developed by the Seattle Police Department in 2015 to assist the victims of Hate Crimes and Student Bullying. The Safe Place is designed to assist in making communities a safer place to live.

Nearly 340 law enforcement agencies across the Country are using the Safe Place Program. It was created to give as many people as possible within the community a safe place to go. Ultimately, this program helps build trust in migrant, immigrant, and minority communities with its police, all of which significantly under report crimes to the police out of fear of how they will be treated and if they will be taken seriously.

The Safe Place program utilizes a rainbow background but is not just for anti-LGBTQ+ bias/hate crimes. It encompasses all hate crimes.

Any Business, Social Organization or School can participate in the Safe Place Program if they follow these two requirements:

  1. If a victim of any crime (especially a hate crime) enters your premises, call 911 immediately.
  2. Allow the victim to remain on your premise until police arrive.

Although this is a voluntary concept, there are responsibilities to become a member of the Safe Place. It is simple, quick and free and just requires training/education of the employees/staff by the PD.

If you have questions or would like additional  information about this program, email

Captain Gary Stone, LGBTQ+ Police Liaison

Click here to sign up to participate in the
LPD Safe Place Program.