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Elmwood Reveley Parkwood Project

Modernizing the infrastructure below Elmwood, Reveley, and Parkwood streets

Our City’s 100-year-old sewer system combines sanitary sewage and storm water, and we must upgrade it to protect the Rocky River and Lake Erie. This Clean Water Lakewood project will modernize the infrastructure that is below Elmwood (Madison to Athens), Reveley, and Parkwood streets so we can meet the demands of the next century and Clean Water Act regulations. This project is expected to be complete in October 2024.

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  • How will residents benefit from this project?+-

    At the end of this project, residents will see:

    • Improved water quality and water flow
    • Better storm drainage
    • Newly paved streets
    • Improved flow to fire hydrants
    • Protection for the environment
  • What lies beneath Elmwood, Reveley, and Parkwood Streets?+-

    This neighborhood was built over a century ago and includes the following infrastructure:

    • 102-106 year-old watermain and sewer mains
    • Lead pipes bring water from the watermain in the street to homes, which is a potential water quality hazard
    • Its been at least 10 to 27 years since the streets were resurfaced
    • Water flow to fire hydrants is too low, which creates a potential safety hazard

    In comparison, new sewers and watermains last 50 years and newly resurfaced streets last 9 to 12 years.

    See what’s below the street

  • What infrastructure improvements are we making on Elmwood, Reveley and Parkwood?+-

    Project work will include

    • Replacing the watermain on Elmwood (Madison to Athens), Reveley, and Parkwood
    • Separating the sanitary and storm sewers on Parkwood Avenue
    • Recoating the sanitary mains in the street
    • Replacing storm and sanitary sewer laterals (and cleanouts) within the right of way on Parkwood Avenue
    • Replacing lead water service lines with copper water service lines
    • Installing new curbs in select locations
    • Installing new driveway aprons in select locations
    • Resurfacing the street and restore the site with street trees and landscaping
  • Project Timeline+-

    Contractors will be working on the three streets at various times, depending on the work task needed to be completed.

    May 2023 – Project Out to Bid

    Fall 2023- Construction To Begin

    October 2024 – Anticipated construction completion

  • Project Funding+-

    This is a City‐funded and budgeted project.

    • There is no assessed cost to property owners
    • The City is funding this project through:
      • Ohio Public Works Commission Grant
      • Ohio Water Development Authority Grant/Loan
      • Revenues from water, sewer, and impervious surface fees
    • Property owners and utility customers will see no additional costs for this project.
  • Project FAQs+-

    Click here to view the FAQs regarding the Elmwood/Reveley/Parkwood Project.

  • Project Communications+-

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