Street Construction Updates | The City of Lakewood, Ohio

Street Construction Updates

2021 Street Improvement Projects

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2021 Street Improvement Projects.

2021 Watermain Streets:

Elbur (Lakewood Hts., Blvd to Athens Ave.)

2021 CDBG Funded Street Resurfacing Streets:


Detroit/Sloane Intersection Rehabilitation
This project includes; Watermain replacement within project limits, sanitary and storm sewer lining, manhole separation, new curb inlets, storm laterals and storm sewer repair, roadway re-alignment, planning and resurfacing the existing asphalt pavement, base repairs, concrete replacement, curb replacement, sidewalk replacement, apron replacement, installation of ADA compliant curb ramps, drainage improvements, street lighting, permeable pavement, landscaping, traffic signal work, maintenance of traffic striping, storm water pollution prevention plan measures and other appurtenances