Street Construction Updates | The City of Lakewood, Ohio

Street Construction Updates

2024 Street Improvement Projects

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2024 Street Improvement Projects.

2024 Watermain Streets

  • Glenbury Ave. (Hilliard Rd. to Delaware Ave.)
  • Marlowe Ave. (Madison Ave. to Athens Ave.)
  • Mars Ave. (Madison Ave. to Athens Ave.)

2024 Street Resurfacing

  • Bramley Ave. (Waterbury Rd. to E. Terminus)
  • Crest Lane (Riverside Dr. to Rockway Ave.)
  • Giel Ave. (Clifton Blvd. to Merl Ave.)
  • Lakewood Hts Blvd. (Chesterland Ave. to Berea Rd.)
  • Onondaga Ave. (Madison Ave. to St. Charles Ave.)
  • Victoria Court (Victoria Ave. to Warren Rd.)
  • Wayne Ave. (Detroit Ave. to Crest Lane)
  • Webb Rd. (Clifton Blvd. to Detroit Ave.)

2024 Sewer Improvements

  • Lewis Dr. (Detroit Ave. to Franklin Blvd.)
  • Interceptor Improvements