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Block Clubs

The Lakewood Block Club program operates under the idea that “neighbors working together can make a difference.”

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Crime and fear of crime threaten a community’s well-being – people become afraid to use the streets and parks, properties deteriorate, residents and businesses gradually leave. Although today’s lifestyles tend to make it sometimes difficult to be as neighborly as we would like, being a good neighbor is one of the best methods of preventing crime.

Block Club operates under the community policing principle that preventing crime and improving our City is everyone’s responsibility. It is successful because people want to assume a more active role in their communities and they work together in a partnership with the City to reduce or eliminate the threat of crime and enhance the quality of life for all.

Statistics tell the story. Substantial decreases in crime and fear can be achieved through local neighborhood crime prevention efforts. In fact, it has been shown that neighborhoods with an active Block Club program can reduce incidents of residential burglary by over 50%.

Active involvement and citizen participation in Block Club will:

  • Increase personal and property safety in the neighborhood
  • Increase awareness and reporting of crime and suspicious activities
  • Strengthen cohesiveness and community spirit
  • Reduce crime rates and the fear of crime
  • Help successfully address property and other neighborhood issues

Want to join or start a block club? Call 216-529-6600 or send an email to Also, here’s some tips on starting a block club in Lakewood.

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