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Block Clubs

One great way to get active in the community is to start/join a block club. Block clubs are groups of residents who gather regularly to address common concerns, promote communication, socialize and discuss topics such as development projects, community programs and local initiatives.

Click here to see the Lakewood Block Club map.

Here are just some of the things block clubs accomplish in our neighborhoods:

  • Welcome new neighbors
  • Organize socially (e.g. a block party or garage sale)
  • Improve the environment, aid in the “greening” and beautification of the neighborhood
  • Help share information between residents and city agencies or community organizations
  • Assist neighbors in times of emergency and need

Strong, safe, and healthy communities don’t just happen. They are the product of the consistent efforts of residents, business owners, and property managers to strengthen communications and resolve local issues. Living in isolation from our neighbors weakens us.  By actively forming community, we are more likely to thrive – both individually and collectively.

Want to join or start a block club? Call 216-529-6600 or send an email to Also, here’s some tips on starting a block club in Lakewood.

Click here for Block Club Program FAQs.

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