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Cold Weather Pet Safety Tips

Cold Weather Pet Safety Tips

Did you know that cold weather can pose serious threats to your pets’ health?

Here are some tips to help ensure your pet stays safe during the winter months:

  • Be aware of your pet’s limits for colder weather; their tolerance can vary based on coat, underlying health issues, body fat stores, and activity level. Cold weather may actually worsen some medical conditions such as arthritis.
  • Your car’s warm engine may be an appealing source of warmth f or outdoor or feral cats. Check underneath your car, bang on the hood, and honk your horn to give them some warning and allow time for escape.
  • Wipe your pets’ feet and routinely check their paws, especially after walks. Ice, road salt, and even antifreeze can accumulate between your dog’s toes, possibly leading to irritation, skin damage, lameness, or toxin exposure. Avoid walking on ice to avoid slips and falls.
  • Did you know that more pets are lost during winter than any other season? Snow and ice can ma sk scents that may otherwise help lead your pet safely home. Be sure your pet is always leashed when outside, wearing a collar with ID tag, and consider a microchip.
  • Just stay home! Cold cars can pose a threat to your dog’s health, especially if they are left unattended. Cats should always be kept indoors.

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