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Committee of the Whole

Committee of the Whole

Chair: Council President 
Members: All members of Council

The Committee of the Whole addresses legislation referred to it by Council regarding topics of general interest to all councilmembers as well as those related to economic development such as the sale of City property, purchase of new property, re-zoning of parcels, and agreements between the City and private entities.  Committee of the Whole also makes recommendations to Council regarding vacancies on the City’s volunteer boards and commissions. Several times per year the Committee invites department directors to provide members with broad updates on the City’s public works and economic development projects. In 2018 and 2019 Committee of the Whole served as a forum for Council to deliberate in detail on Phase 2 of the Integrated Wet Weather Improvement Plan which the City submitted to the EPA on March 1, 2019.

The Committee of the Whole meets on an as-needed basis on Monday evenings in the City Hall Auditorium. All Committee of the Whole meetings are video recorded and videos are posted on the City’s website the next day. The President of Council serves as Chair of Committee of the Whole.

Committee of the Whole Minutes