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Community Discussion

The City plans to respond to each comment and question received via email. Common questions and feedback received are addressed below.


Traffic and parking will be key considerations as the site is going through the approval process.

Parking will be an important feature to balance on the development site.  One of the Development Objectives in the RFQ states:

Serve multiple modes of transportation on site, while meeting realistic vehicle parking needs.

The City will be looking at shared parking solutions to ensure adequate, but not excessive, parking spaces for the downtown district. The Planning Commission will be approving a parking plan for the site, and it will be based on the uses proposed, and the parking demand surrounding the site.


The evaluation criteria that will be used to determine shortlisted teams are based on the submission requirements in the RFQ. The scoring sheets have been posted under the “Resources” drop down list. Scoring will be based on a quantitative and a qualitative review of each submission.


The rehabilitation of the Curtis Block building is a requirement. The RFQ states:

“As part of the 5.7 acre site, the City will look to the development team to rehabilitate the historic Curtis Block building. The two-story, 9,000 SF building is an original streetcar era building built in 1925. A smaller adjacent commercial building facing Marlowe is also owned by the City and may be demolished, but could be part of the rehabilitation plan. The primary goals for the adaptive reuse of the Curtis Block are to establish the building’s viability for the next 50 years, position the Site to respond to market conditions, and retain the building’s key architectural elements.”

The parameters set for the old wing of the hospital are stated in the objectives section of the RFQ. The City desires the Development Team to:

  • Creatively integrate visionary architecture engaging and complimentary of the character and quality of Lakewood’s building stock, including design characteristics of the original hospital building; and
  • Recognize and restate the historical significance of the site for the community in built form.

For example, the objectives stated above could include incorporating the rounded corner element that fronts Belle and Detroit somewhere on the site or, incorporating the façade of the old wing of the hospital in full or in part, as determined by the Development Team.