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Coyotes and other Wildlife


Coyotes are territorial animals that are common throughout Cuyahoga County and all of Ohio. Coyotes have coexisted amongst us in Lakewood for years, rarely being noticed. Today, there are at least groups, living in Lakewood. A group lives in the Madison Park vicinity, another lives in the Lakewood Park vicinity.  Because coyotes are here to stay, it is important to learn to safely coexist with them. Coyotes serve an important role in the local ecosystem by keeping populations of smaller wild animals and vermin in check.

What do to about coyotes

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Raccoons, Skunks, Opossums, Fox, Chipmunks, Bats, Squirrels and other wildlife:

There are a variety of wildlife that live amongst us in the city.  Just as in humans, there are diseases that impact wildlife and make them sick. This reinforces the importance of properly managing wildlife populations and NOT FEEDING WILDLIFE, other than song birds.  Feeding wildlife concentrates animals and increases the likelihood of spreading diseases.  Some best practices when dealing with wildlife are found below:

Best practices to avoid attracting wildlife to your property:

  • Do not feed wild life; (other than song birds – Check out: “Feeding Birds without Burdens”)
  • Do not leave open or accessible garbage on your property
  • Winter proof your house in the fall (screen open vents and chimneys)
  • Clean up the yard – leaf and debris piles make ideal harborage for small animals
  • Store firewood at least 20 feet from the house (another good home for animals)
  • Keep bird feeders out of reach of squirrels, raccoons and opossums
  • If you choose to trap nuisance wild life call Animal Control to assist with removal of trapped animals or use a professional pest control service (Please note that Lakewood Animal Control does not provide physical traps or trapping services)

Best practices when seeing or encountering wildlife in the city:

  • Maintain your distance when encountering or seeing wildlife
  • Do not attempt to feed, catch or pet wild life
  • Do not approach wildlife babies or animal mothers with their babies; mother’s protective instincts can be fierce
  • Do not attempt to give aid to an injured or sick animal
  • Report injured, sick or aggressive animals to Lakewood Animal Control or after hours to Lakewood Police

You are always encouraged to reach out the Lakewood Animal Control Officers with questions and concerns about dealing with local wildlife issues.  If rabid animals are suspected Animal Control will contact the County Board of Health to pick up the animals for testing.

Animal Control Officers may be reached at:  216-529-5020; their hours of operation are found HERE.  For emergencies in off hours contact Lakewood Police.

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