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Department of Human Services Vision

Vision: Create a community center that serves residents of all ages providing a gathering space, community connections and program experiences based on the 8 Dimensions of wellness.

Components of Wellness…some exist some need to grow


  • Congregate Meals
  • Dedicated physical space
  • Transportation to attend activities
  • Universal access/family support for parents/caregivers
  • Visitation space for families


  • Desirable, attractive space
  • Programming on psychological aspects of aging
  • Partnerships


  • Gratitude program
  • Partnerships


  • Programming on technology
  • University access/connection/over 60 reduced cost or free
  • Web based opportunities


  • Tai Chi/exercise
  • Nutrition program/Home delivered and Congregate
  • Medicare education


  • Pleasant gathering space


  • Literacy


  • Volunteerism…meaningful
  • Employment opportunities

Purpose: To strengthen community through strong partnerships and collaborations, and innovative service delivery

To utilize a model which is inclusive of all seniors and encourages universal access while recognizing those who are most vulnerable due to age, health, poverty

To encourage and empower residents to choose health and wellness opportunities