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Developer Q&A

All questions that development teams may have related to this RFQ must be emailed to City Planner Katelyn Milius at Questions submitted by Feb. 20 will be answered and posted here on or before Feb. 24. Further questions may be submitted until 5 p.m. March 6. This final group of questions will be answered and posted on or before March 10. Any revisions/addendums to the RFQ and answers to submitted questions will be posted here.


Will the contents of the “Confidential Financial Information” envelop, i.e. capability to source the capital, financing structure, and supporting documentation be included in the 40-page maximum for submissions?

An option to keep the financial information in a separate, confidential envelop is provided, but this information will still be included in the Statement of Qualifications’ overall page count (limited to 40 pages).

Is the City interested in preserving all or part of the old wing of the hospital?

As stated in the RFQ the City desires the Development Team to:

  • Creatively integrate visionary architecture engaging and complimentary of the character and quality of Lakewood’s building stock, including design characteristics of the original hospital building; and
  • Recognize and restate the historical significance of the site for the community in built form.

For example, the objectives stated above could include incorporating the rounded corner element that fronts Belle and Detroit somewhere on the site or, incorporating the façade of the old wing of the hospital in full or in part, as determined by the Development Team. The site visit will be important to help each team determine the building’s potential for reuse.

Do you know if a scoring sheet will be used to rank the different proposals, if so do you know if the ranking sheet will include extra value to those projects that include the adaptive reuse of the old hospital?

Proposals will be evaluated on how well they meet the Development Objectives listed in the RFQ, in addition to being evaluated on the topics of developer qualifications, approach, schedule, and financing strategy. The evaluation criteria does not specifically score proposals that include the adaptive reuse of the old hospital building differently than those that use other methods to “Recognize and restate the historical significance of the site for the community in built form.”

Request to review the floor plans of the existing hospital: The plans for the existing Lakewood Hospital building are now provided in the “Resources” drop-down menu.

Does the City of Lakewood have a topographic survey for the Site?

A utilities map with the available 2-foot contours from the county is now available under “Resources” — or by clicking here.

Would you please provide us with clarity on the relevant experience submission requirements?  Are we permitted to include current/previous experience of our design team in addition to our developer experience?  In other words, we would like to include 5 examples of our work and 5 examples from members of our design team.

In the “Relevant Experience” section, the City would like to see your five best project examples with the requested details, which could include projects from members of your development team.  Project examples can and should be integrated into the “Project Team” section as well.  Highlight your top five in “Relevant Experience.” You may fit elements of other projects into the “Project Team” and “Approach” sections, but your submission must be within the 40-page limit.