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Coordination in the Community

Various items were left behind in the church which had no value to the City or need for reuse. Some of these items included but were not limited to: pianos, chairs/couches, folding tables, kitchen utensils/ trays, desks, Christmas decorations, pews, filing cabinets, decorations. In the efforts to start removing items from the church, the City of Lakewood reached out to local non-profit partners to invite their organization to walk through the church and identify if there were any items their organization could use to support their mission.

On September 3rd, Lakewood City Council approved the donations of these various items to organizations including the Lakewood Historical Society, LakewoodAlive, Barton Center, The Beck Center, Dr. Christine Johnson with the Worldwide Anglican Church, and Habitat for Humanity. The City is very fortunate that these items will be reused and benefit other prominent organizations in the community.