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Emergency Snow Parking Bans

Whenever there is snow fall of four (4) inches or more within a twenty-four (24) hour period, the emergency snow ban takes effect. The snow ban restrictions on parking take effect without requiring an announcement by the City of Lakewood. In the event of a snowfall of four inches or more, parking is not permitted on streets posted as emergency snow ban streets. Motorists should always consult the posted signs, and be advised that in the event of a snowfall of four inches or more, the emergency snow parking bans will be enforced.

The Emergency Snow Parking Ban streets are as follows:

  • Athens Avenue (Carabel to Lincoln)
  • Belle Avenue (Madison to Lake)
  • Berea Road (Horseshoe Bridge to W. 117th)
  • Bunts Road (Lakewood Heights Boulevard to Clifton Boulevard)
  • Clifton Boulevard (Webb to W. 117th)
  • Delaware Avenue (McKinely to Brown)
  • Detroit Avenue (Gridley to W. 117th)
  • Lake Avenue (Webb to W. 117th)
  • Lakewood Heights Boulevard (Woodward to Horseshoe Bridge)
  • Madison Avenue (Riverside to W. 117th)
  • Riverside Drive (Sloane to Fischer)
  • W. 117th Street (Berea to Edgewater)
  • Warren Road (Lakewood Heights Boulevard to Clifton Boulevard)
  • West Clifton (between Riverside and Clifton)

Lakewood Codified Ordinance 351.26 contains the provisions of the emergency snow parking bans.

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