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Engineering Standard Drawings

The City of Lakewood uses the Ohio Department of Transportation Standard Drawings whenever possible and applicable. Construction standards unique to Lakewood are shown in the drawing files listed below.

Pavement – P

P-1 Pavement Repairs Detail

P-2 Driveway Aprons

P-3 Driveway Repair

P-4 Sidewalk Details

P-5 Colorized and Stamped Crosswalk

P-6 Survey Monuments

P-7 Colorized Stamped Concrete Treelawn

Sewer – S

S-1 Catch Basin Detail

S-2 Manhole Separation

S-3 Sewer Service Connection Details

S-4 Inspection Tee

Water – W

W-1 Utility Trench Detail

W-2 Fire Hydrant

W-3 Curb Box

W-4 Watermain Crossing Sewer