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Fire Department FAQs

Q:        My insurance company wants a copy of the Fire Investigation Report for a recent fire at my home. Who do I contact?   

A:        Call the Lakewood Fire Prevention Bureau at (216) 529-6660.  

Q:        Where should I put smoke detectors in my home?   

A:        The fire department recommends smoke detectors on every level of the home and in all rooms used for sleeping. 

Q:        How far is a hydrant from my home?  

A:        All properties in Lakewood are within 300 feet of a fire hydrant. 

Q:        Does the Lakewood Fire Department give out smoke detectors? 

A:        The City of Lakewood does not currently provide smoke detectors. The landlord is responsible for providing smoke detectors in all rental units and carbon monoxide detectors in all buildings with 5 or fewer units or apartments that have their own furnace. 

Q:        I was transported to the hospital by the Lakewood Fire Department and have a question about my bill. Who do I contact?   

A:        Call the billing agency, Lifeforce Management, toll free at (1-800) 770-4767. If the bill has gone to collections please call the City Finance Department at (216) 529-6097. 

Q:        Who can inspect my child’s car seat for proper installation and use?   

A:        The Fire Department hosts monthly child car seat checks at Fire Station #1, 14601 Madison Avenue.  These free events are open to Lakewood families who are interested in having their car seats installed or checked for proper set up.  Registration is required. Click here for more information.

Q:        I need to renew (or get) my CPR/AED certification. Who do I contact for information on classes offered? 

A:        Call the Red Cross at (1-800) 733-2762 or go to:  to register for a class. 

Q:        Where can I drop off my aluminum cans for recycling?   

A:        Each Lakewood Fire Station has an outdoor bin to collect for the Aluminum Cans for Burned Children Foundation, 365 days a year. 

Q:        I need an inspection for day care license, adoption or to become a foster care provider. Who do I call?   

A:        Call the Lakewood Fire Prevention Bureau at (216) 529-6660.  

Q:        What is the Insurance Services Office (ISO) rating for Lakewood?  

A:        The ISO rating for the Lakewood Fire Department is Class Two (2). 

Q:        Do you have any information on how to be prepared in the case of an emergency? 

A:        Yes, the Lakewood Fire Department has created an Emergency Preparedness Guide which should answer all of your questions and keep you ready for an emergency.  The guide may be found on the city website at the following link: