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Additional Information

Green Refuse and Recycling Initiative

Have a look at this PDF to get the scoop about all the ins-and-outs of the city’s Green Refuse and Recycling Initiative. This document covers everything from disposing of construction materials and hazardous waste (such as paint) to obtaining an additional cart.

The drop-off facility is located at 12920 Berea Road. Please call 216-252-4322 for any additional information.

  • Appliance & Metal Collection
  • Automated & Bulk Refuse Collection
  • Holiday Collection Schedules
  • Recycling Guidelines
  • Refuse FAQs
  • Yard Waste Guidelines
  • Multi-Unit Properties: Multi-unit properties with five or more units are responsible for contracting refuse collection however the City of Lakewood collects furniture and other large bulk items, and recyclables, on the regular day in their area.
  • Public can collection: Refuse and Recycling Division employees manually collect from more than 200 curbside public street cans each week. The City’s new, large capacity, automated collection street cans save time and reduce litter. Please notify the Refuse and Recycling Division if you see an overflowing public street can.