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Henkeeping Permit Application

2022 Update: Hen permits are now issued for a three-year period instead of needing to be renewed every year.

Click here to apply for a henkeeping permit.

Questions about the application process may be directed to Captain Gary Stone at 216-529-6751.

Henkeeping Permit Application Checklist:
  1. Application &  $25 Permit Fee
  2. Backyard Hen Training Certificate from OSU Extension or Cleveland Metro Parks
  3. Specifications for intended coop with simple diagram showing coop placement in relation to property lines and other structures on the property**
  4. Specifications for intended hen run/enclosure with simple diagram showing placement in relation to property lines and other structures**
  5. If you are a renter, written approval from your Landlord to have backyard hens on the rental property where hens are to be kept.
** Please make sure to review the Henkeeping Ordinance No. 23-16 for all requirements, including specifications about hen coop placement, design, height and size restrictions etc.