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Requirements for obtaining a housing or vacant property license may be found in Sections 1306.43 to 1306.491.  The city is offering the following resources to assist landlords in Lakewood.

  • Best Rental Practices: A Manual for Lakewood Landlords
    The City has provided a guideline for landlords to help with various issues including applicant screening, rental agreements, crisis resolution, working with our building and housing officials and other problems facing landlords.
  • A Friendly Lakewood Landlord Quiz
    Take a short quiz to test your knowledge as a landlord!
    How to be a GREAT Landlord in the City of Lakewood
    Here’s a brief list of the steps you must take to become a well-informed and effective landlord within the City of Lakewood.
  • Landlord Training Seminar Video
    Take a look at the most recent Landlord Training Seminar video.