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Neighborhood Paramedic Program

This program, which was launched in August of 2022, introduces a proactive health and wellness initiative designed to prevent illness and injuries to vulnerable populations and reduce need for emergency hospital visits.

An initial focus of the program will be the implementation of a fall prevention program for senior citizens that uses EMS home visits to prevent trip-and-fall situations within residences. In 2021 alone, Lakewood EMS responded to more than 650 calls for senior citizens experiencing injury from a fall, with more than half of those being serious enough to require transport to a hospital or emergency room. Lakewood has taken its approach from the national CDC’s STEADI (Stopping Elderly Accidents, Deaths, and Injuries) protocol, employing a screen, assess, and intervene approach.

The Neighborhood Paramedic Program has also received support from the Healthy Lakewood Foundation, which provided a $70,000 grant to help with startup costs for the program such as equipment.

In addition to the residential fall prevention initiative, other areas of work that are being considered for the Neighborhood Paramedic Program include: blood pressure / glucose screenings; safety checks for expectant mothers / new parents; in-home / outreach vaccinations; emergency preparedness education; and others. Final determination of additional focus areas will be made once the current Community Health Needs Assessment is complete, and the data gathered through that study can help inform priorities.

For more information or to enroll in the program, contact the Neighborhood Paramedic at or call 216-659-0009.