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Parking Permits


All parking permits (new and renewals) are handled in the Police Department during normal business hours of 8:00 am and 4:30 pm, excluding weekends and holidays.  For a new permit, an application may be completed at the front counter of the Police Department during these hours.  To renew a permit, you may report to the Police Department during these hours before the expiration date listed on your permit.   Payment may be made by cash, check, or credit card and a new application is needed only if information has changed since your last renewal. Permit must be hung from rearview mirror of vehicle while parked in permitted area.  Failure to do so could result in a parking citation.  Any permit used after its’ expiration date is invalid and will also subject you to a parking citation.  No refunds will be issued for any permit, under any circumstance.


Residential permitted streets include Arlington, Baxterly, Belle (Detroit to Clifton only), Blossom Park, Concord, French, Manor Park (Detroit to Merl only), Norton, Robinwood, and Warren (Detroit to Clifton only).  Residents of that street may obtain a permit to park during the restricted hours posted on the signs.  Proof of residency in permitted section of street is required to obtain a residential permit, no exceptions.  Residential permits are issued on a 1 year basis, always expiring June 30th, and are $5 per permit.


Municipal lot and business meter permits are issued on a 6 month basis, always expiring June 30th or December 31st, with the fees ranging from $100 to $250 per permit.  Municipal lot permits are on a first come first serve basis and availability is very limited.  Please call Janet Smith of the Police Department (216) 529-6749 to check availability and be placed on a waiting list should none be available at that time.  Failure to renew your permit within a week of its expiration will result in the forfeiture of said permit, and the permit will then become available for reissuance.

Further questions?  Please feel free to contact Janet Smith at (216) 529-6749 or the Records Room at (216) 529-6785.

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