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Pocket Parks

  • Park Row Park: Located at 1386 Park Row, offers playground equipment and picnic tables.
  • Niagara Park: Located at the corner of Lakewood Heights (south of I-90) and Niagara, offers the following: Playground area and picnic table.
  • Celeste Park: Located at the corner of Clifton and West Clifton, this park is a scenic area to sit at a park bench or table to relax and enjoy a bit of nature.
  • Sloane Park: Located at 1355 Sloane Ave. this park offers a scenic place to sit and relax to enjoy the two Adopt-a-Spot gardens.
  • City Center Park: Located at the intersection of Cook and Detroit Ave. this scenic area offers a place to sit and relax while shopping.
  • Isaac Warren Park: Located on Warren Rd. just north of Detroit, this scenic pocket park offers a place to sit and relax during a lunch break Two picnic tables are available in a greenspace located across the street just north of the parking lot.
  • Clifton Prado Park: Located at 1265 Clifton Prado, this park offers playground area and picnic table.