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Pre-Proposal Q&A and Additional Resources


Q: Should the bond costs for subcontractors be included in the General Conditions or be a separate item?

A: The General Contractor is responsible for bond in full amount of contract award.

Q: Are teams allowed to substitute subconsultants?

A:  Yes. Design-Build teams may add, subtract or substitute subconsultants.

Q: Does the city maintain a state contract for furniture?

A: Yes.

Q: Will fiber technologies be made available to the site by the city?

A: The city currently maintains a fiber optic network at the city’s largest public parks, schools, public library, and additional Lakewood facilities. The city’s intent is to provide this same service at Cove Church, separate from the design-build contract.

Q: How many food deliveries does Human Services currently receive? What is the occurrence?

A: Human Services receives food deliveries daily, Monday through Friday, before 8:00 am. In 2020 they will receive 20,000 congregate meals and 26,000 home delivered meals.

Q: What is the current total amount for the Human Services food contract?

A: The catering contract, negotiated by the Western Reserve Area Agency on Aging, is with the Food Bank. The Human Services meals are part of a contract award that is valued at approximately $200,000.

Q: Please confirm status of kitchen.

A: Human Services will require a catering kitchen, not a commercial kitchen. A Type I hood is not required at this time based on the proposed design criteria.

 Q: Our team is capable of providing full Furniture, Fixture and Equipment (FFE) design, bidding and construction oversight. Should this be separated out on the price proposal for items H and J?

A: Yes.

Q: Our understanding is that all hazardous material testing and abatement will be performed by the City at a time determined/coordinated between the City and selected D/B. Any unforeseen PACM (Presumed Asbestos Containing Material) encountered during the work will be immediately brought to the City’s attention.

Please confirm that the D/B team will not be providing phase 1 or 2 environmental analysis?

A: Correct. Please see additional resources listed under the “Pre-Proposal Q&A and Additional Resources” accordion menu for the environmental analysis.

Q: The existing documentation provided with the RFP included a set of existing drawings that appear to be incomplete. Are any additional existing drawings, such as original structural and MEP drawings available? 

Are there any other building assessments the city can share? 

Is there an existing facility assessment report other than the MEP report provided? 

A: An incomplete drawing set of the original 1968 construction documents for Cove Church “Existing Drawings” are located under the “RFQ & Attachments” accordion menu. No other drawings from this set were found.

A 1969 copy of “General Specifications” and a copy of the 1984 “Study of Heating System” are located under “Historical Construction Documents” accordion menu.

Please see additional resources listed under the “Pre-Proposal Q&A and Additional Resources” accordion menu.

Q: It does not appear that there is anticipation that the D/B team will provide surveying as a part of their team, is this correct?

Does the city have a site survey available?

A: The city currently does not have a site survey. Please provide this service as part of the design-build proposal.

Q: Please provide a site work-limit plan indicating what exterior spaces are included within this project. What areas will be excluded because of the possible NEORSD storm sewer project?

It does not appear that there is anticipation that the D/B team will provide civil engineering as a part of their team, is this correct?

A:  All exterior spaces shown in the design criteria package are included in the adaptive reuse project, however, it is anticipated that the parking lot will only be resurfaced prior to the Stormwater Management project.

The Stormwater Management project at the Cove Church site is part of the city’s IWWIP and currently being negotiated with the US and Ohio EPA. That work is not part of the Cove Church Redevelopment RFQ/RFP and is not expected to begin for several years.

To learn more about the city’s future needs for stormwater management, please visit

 Q: Will the price proposal worksheet be considered the team’s first GMP submission?

 With regard to the selection, what is the weighted % for the estimate summary (price proposal worksheet) within the entire response package? 

A: The Price Proposal worksheet is informational only and intended to help the selection panel better understand the design-build team’s overall Project Approach and Suggested Value-Added Ideas.

This worksheet will not be considered the first GMP submission.

The worksheet is not weighted with a separate %.

Q: Please confirm who will be a voting member of the selection committee.

A: As previously presented at the public City Council meeting, the selection committee for the Cove Church RFQ/RFP process includes:

  • Dave Robar, Director and Vice President at Vocon Architecture, former ABR Chair
  • Mike Molinski, Director of Operations at RCF Group, former City Architect and ABR Chair
  • Joe Stewart, Vice President at the Jacobs Group (retired)
  • Allison Hennie, AIA, NCARB, Urban Designer in the Planning Department at the City of Lakewood
  • Toni Gelsomino, Director of Human Services at the City of Lakewood
  • John Litten, City Council
  • Dan O’Malley, City Council, President

Please note, firm’s responding to the RFQ/RFP are required to conduct the preparation of the submissions with professional integrity and prohibited from communicating with any member of the selection committee.

Q: Will you be providing written responses to the questions raised during Tuesday’s pre-proposal meeting?

A: Questions not answered during the pre-proposal meeting are answered above. All questions received in writing prior to the deadline are answered above.


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