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Pre-Submission Questions & Attendance

Pre-Submission Questions 

Q: Who is on the selection committee? Has a final selection committee been chosen?

A: The selection committee includes representatives from the Department of Human Resources, the Department of Planning and Economic Development, City Council, and Lakewood residents well-versed in architecture, commercial renovations, and real estate development.

Q: Are consultants who were involved in the Design Criteria documents eligible for the next phase of the Design-Build process?

A: Yes.

Q: Is there a third-party owner or developer planning to own and fund the project separate from the City of Lakewood?

A: No.

Q: Will the attendance list from the pre-submission walk-through be made available?

A: Yes, a PDF copy of the “Cove Pre-Submission Attendance” can be found using the accordion menus on the right hand site of the website

Q: Will the kitchen renovation create a commercial kitchen or a convenience (rewarm) kitchen?

A: Based on initial design input from Human Services, there are two kitchen areas. The current fit plans/design criteria include a new catering kitchen on the entry level to accommodate 100+ meals a day on-site and 100+ meals a day off-site, and the potential for catered events to a wider public.

A smaller renovated kitchen on the lower level will be used for staff meals, snack preparation for Early Childhood, heating meals for Youth Services visitors, and potential programming activities for a wider public.

Q: Are there historical data about the original construction or renovations at Cove Church?

A: Yes, these items can be found using the accordion menus on the right hand site of the website

The original 1968 construction documents for Cove Church “Existing Drawings” are located under “RFQ & Attachments.”

A 1969 copy of “General Specifications” and a copy of the 1984 “Study of Heating System” are located under “Historical Construction Documents.”

Q: Will the abatement be included in the DB contract as part of the DB’s responsibilities?  

A: Environmental assessment has been completed for the city by others. Coordination of the budget and schedule for hazardous material abatement to be determined under separate contract.

What is the status of the Stormwater Management component at the Cove Church site?

A: The Stormwater Management project at the Cove Church site is part of the city’s IWWIP and currently being negotiated with the US and Ohio EPA. That work is not part of the Cove Church Redevelopment RFQ/RFP and is not expected to begin for several years. 

To learn more about the city’s future needs for stormwater management, please visit

Q: Has the city executed a design-build contract process?

A:   Yes.  In 2018 the city initiated a design-build process for the hi-rate treatment plant currently being built next to the city Wastewater Treatment Plant in the metro parks.

The Cleveland Metro Parks has also completed several design-build projects over the past few years and has been collaborative with the city in providing some best practices for this process.


Cove Pre-submission Attendance 11-13-2019