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Project Meeting Schedule

The scope of services requires that the selected consultant work closely with staff and the community in developing this plan. City staff will conduct public engagement meetings and social media outreach for public input independent of the consultant. The consultant will be responsible to hold independent outreach, and for coordinating, administering and making a record of the public outreach meetings. The city staff and the consultant will share the results of their efforts and use the data gathered to craft the design for the parks. The consultant will budget (at a minimum) the following meetings:

  • Kick-off meeting with City Staff (Task 1)
  • One (1) public meeting per park to collect opinions and ideas from stakeholder group (Task 1)
  • One (1) public meeting per park to showcase preliminary park improvement plan to stakeholder group (Task 2)
  • Presentation to stakeholder group of final concept plan at Planning Commission meeting on September 1, 2016 for board approval.