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Public Art Advisory Board

Public Art Advisory Board

The Public Art Advisory Board was created in 2021 for the purpose of  collaborating with City officials regarding its public art policies and practices, promoting the City’s public art programs and educating residents on the benefits of public art on public and private properties.

The Public Art Advisory Board will also accomplish the following strategic goals:

(a)   Establish a public art process for selecting and implementing projects strategically, efficiently, and equitably.

(b)   Ensure public art adheres to the vernacular definition of public art – social offerings in shared public spaces.

(c)   Aspire for a program responsive to the diversity of the community – both emerging and existing.

The Public Art Advisory Board shall be composed of the following members: three members appointed by the Mayor and two members  appointed by City Council.

Members of the Public Art Advisory Board shall serve a term of three calendar years.

Board Members

  • Bryan Evans, Chair
  • Dave Robar, Vice Chair
  • Sara Bicknell
  • Mary Puinno
  • Beth Ryan

Click here to read the ordinance creating the Public Art Advisory Board

Public Art Advisory Board 2022 Meeting Calendar

Public Art Advisory Board Agendas