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Additional Information


Phase I Environmental Site AssessmentThe City of Lakewood has conducted a Phase I Environmental Assessment of the site. The report indicated no environmental concerns that warranted additional testing. The final report is included as Appendix I.

Asbestos Survey of Curtis Block and Marlowe StorefrontAsbestos sampling was conducted in the Marlowe Storefront to determine what abatement would be required prior to demolition. The Curtis Block was reviewed and suspicious materials were sampled that might be affected during a renovation project. The Asbestos Survey is included as Appendix II.

Structural AnalysisA structural analysis has been completed evaluating the structural components of the building, including opinions of probable construction costs to make necessary repairs. The structural analysis is included as Appendix III.

Local Historic DesignationThe Curtis Block building has been designated a local historic structure under Chapter 1134 of the Lakewood Zoning Code. The designation application is included as Appendix IV.

Community VisionInterested parties should thoroughly review the City of Lakewood’s Community Vision, and specifically the Commercial Development Focus Area, as it provides the community’s shared goals and objectives related to Development in Lakewood. The Community Vision, Commercial Development Focus area can be found here.