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Selection Process and Schedule

All proposals will be evaluated in accordance with the provisions of the Financial Rules and Regulations of the City of Lakewood and the evaluation criteria as specified in this RFQ.

The evaluation procedure will consist of a formal, substantive assessment of the proposals received. Detailed evaluation leading to a final selection or award may take several weeks.

Within 30 days of submission deadline a short list of proposers will be notified in writing and an in person interview with the selection committee will be scheduled. Selection for an interview will be based upon the following criteria and how well the RFQ addresses these criteria:

  • Does the RFQ identify the proposer(s) credentials and the experience of the team that will be conducting the plan?
  • Does the response to the RFQ adequately describe what the proposed developer will deliver as an end product to conclude the project?
  • How well does proposer’s response fit with Lakewood’s Community Vision?