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Snow and Ice Control Plan

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City of Lakewood Snow and Ice Control:

The City of Lakewood’s snow and ice control efforts promote safe vehicular travel during the winter months. The City attempts safe passage on all city streets at all times. However, keep in mind that each snowfall presents different conditions that impact the snow and ice removal process, such as the rate and accumulation of snowfall, moisture content, temperature, time of day or night, wind direction and speed and the duration of the storm, with the result that no two storms are ever identical.

The City of Lakewood is responsible for snow and ice control for a total of 228 lane miles (i.e. Clifton Blvd has six lanes plus one turn lane = 22 total miles).

Streets are treated and plowed based on three categories of route priorities: primary, secondary, and residential. All routes are treated by priority beginning with primary, then secondary, and finally residential.

  • Primary routes include major thoroughfares, emergency routes, designated hills, and bridges. Primary routes will be continuously treated and plowed until a bare pavement condition exists.
  • Secondary routes are roadways collecting traffic and leading to major thoroughfares, traffic signal locations, and other areas necessary for the delivery of public services. Secondary routes will be continuously treated and plowed until a bare pavement condition exists.
  • Residential routes are all other remaining streets. While a bare pavement condition is desirable on residential routes, the City utilizes Sensible Salting practices whenever possible to reduce salt usage and pollution of local waterways while ensuring safe conditions. As a result, during certain snow and ice events salting may be limited to areas proximate to and through intersections.

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Public parking lots and facilities will be treated as necessary depending on operational schedules for the use of such facilities.

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