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Summary of Ohio EPA (NPDES) permit requirement

  • Characterize the system
  • Monitor and record all overflows
  • Create an integrated plan that addresses overflows from combined sewers and interconnected pipes
  • Install high rate treatment at the sewage treatment plant to expand treatment of wet weather flows
  • Analyze alternatives that can bring overflows into compliance
  • Bring all overflow discharges into compliance with the Clean Water Act to minimize human and environmental health impacts

To see the full Lakewood NPDES permit, click here.

Ohio EPA Permit Deadlines

Deadline Ohio EPA Requirement
September 2014 New NPDES Permit Issued
September 2016 Design specifications of High Rate Treatment (HRT) due to Ohio EPA, as well as feasible alternatives plan created
March 2018 Submit a permit to install HRT plan, and any other measure decided on, and begin construction within 6 months of permit being approved
March 2019 Alternatives analysis and plan, including financials, for dealing with other overflows
September 2022 Construction of HRT is complete