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Autism Safety Roster

Autism Safety Roster

What is the Autism Safety Roster?
The Autism Safety Roster is a project in partnership between the community members of Lakewood and the Lakewood Police Department. This online roster promotes communication and enables the police department to have quick and relevant access to important information about a person with Autism. This information may be crucial in instances where affected persons wander or are experiencing a crisis situation.

The information submitted about the person may include: name, birthday, physical description, emergency contact information, known triggers/behaviors and more. Having early access to this information may prove crucial to successfully defusing a crisis situation or locating a person that has wandered away from safe surroundings.

Goal of the Program

The goal is to help ensure the safety of an individual with Autism or any other, related, Autism Spectrum Disorder.

How to Register

To register, an adult family member — or guardian of an individual with Autism (or  any related, Autism Spectrum Disorder) — will complete and submit the online form (below).

What happens once the person is registered?

Once the person is registered, their information will be placed into a searchable database in the Lakewood Police Department’s record management system.  This information will then be available to the officers responding to a call for help or assistance with an autistic person.  When possible, a specially trained, “Crisis Intervention Team” (CIT) officer will be sent to the scene.

How long does the registration last?                                                            

A fresh, new, online form should be submitted at least once each year, or anytime there is a significant change in any of the information provided by the original form.

If it is found that the online form has not been updated in the last two years, the entry will be removed from the database.


Autism Safety Roster

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