City of Lakewood Seeking Applicants for Public Art Task Force | The City of Lakewood, Ohio

City of Lakewood Seeking Applicants for Public Art Task Force

October 20, 2015

Want to help enhance the Lakewood experience? Engender a sense of pride in the community? Or attract art-seekers outside of museums, galleries and theaters?

The city of Lakewood is seeking qualified applicants for a seven-member Public Art Task Force, aimed at developing a public art strategy for the city. Here are some of listed duties of members of the task force.

  • Assist with the selection of art installation at Solstice Steps at Lakewood Park
  • Help market, support, fundraise for public art
  • Develop public art strategy options for citywide program
  • Research and formulate potential funding options
  • Report findings to Lakewood City Council

The selected Public Art Task Force’s first order of business will be issuing a request for qualifications to design and implement public art at the Solstice Steps at Lakewood Park. Although the scope of the project hasn’t been finalized, the art will feature centerpiece at the upper promenade that can be “seen from the water and from the park above.”

City officials are looking for individuals with varied backgrounds, including marketing, planning, fundraising and arts.

“We know that Lakewood residents are educated, dedicated and deeply involved in the community,” said Jason Russell, city planner. “We’re hoping to tap into some of that talent for this task force, which will have the opportunity to add beauty to our shared spaces and declare the worth of those places within our shared cultures.”

Those interested in joining the task force are encouraged to submit an application and resume by sending an email to the mayor’s office by Oct. 29.