City of Lakewood Updates Payment System for Downtown Parking Lots | The City of Lakewood, Ohio

City of Lakewood Updates Payment System for Downtown Parking Lots

October 28, 2021

Park Mobile App now in use, with cash meters also available

The City of Lakewood has updated its parking payment system in Downtown Lakewood for City-owned lots A, B, and C, located behind buildings on the north side of Detroit between Gladys and St. Charles. Moving forward, the City is working with Park Mobile to provide several contactless payment options for parking in these lots while also maintaining a select number of meters to accept coins from those who prefer to pay in cash.

“We are excited to expand the availability of contactless payment options for those parking in Lakewood,” said Mayor Meghan F. George. “This is a step forward in technology. Park Mobile offers several user friendly options for those paying virtually, while we have also reintroduced a number of coin-based meters across the southern lanes of all three lots for those who don’t have smartphones or would rather use cash. Park Mobile provides a more secure and simpler system for enforcement while also providing contactless, more hygienic options in the age of COVID-19 – even allowing patrons to make a phone call to pay if they prefer.”

As part of the update to the municipal lots, new signage is also being installed both inside and along the edges of the lots. The signs along the edge of the lots are intended to provide clearer guidance for patrons towards the different parking options provided in each lane – whether for contactless payment, coinoperated meters, or city-issued parking permit spaces. Internal signs in the lots will designate permit areas and provide instructions on the use of contactless payment methods.

As part of implementing the new system, the City continues to work with Lakewood Alive to engage Downtown Lakewood business owners and learn more about parking usage, preferences, and customer needs. The use of Park Mobile in Lots A, B, and C will be evaluated to test and refine the benefits of the app as the City considers expanding the contactless payment options citywide, including to all City-owned lots and as an added option for existing street parking meters across Lakewood.

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