Healthy Lakewood Foundation Seeking Board Members | The City of Lakewood, Ohio

Healthy Lakewood Foundation Seeking Board Members

April 24, 2018

The newly formed Healthy Lakewood Foundation is seeking applicants for its inaugural board. The Healthy Lakewood Foundation was born out of the closure of Lakewood Hospital, an institution that served the community for more than 100 years. The Master Agreement signed by representatives of the City of Lakewood, Cleveland Clinic, and Lakewood Hospital Association as part of the closure included provisions for the creation of a philanthropic foundation dedicated to improving the health and wellness of the Lakewood community. The Foundation would have assets totaling $32.4 million, accrued over approximately 16 years.

In 2017, the City of Lakewood empaneled volunteer residents to form the Foundation Planning Task Force, charged with laying the groundwork for the future Foundation. With expertise in nonprofit administration, finance, law, and healthcare, the group studied the history of the philanthropic sector, examined healthcare conversion foundations across the nation, curated financial pro formas, and listened closely to stakeholders across the community over its 18‐month process. These efforts resulted in a framework for a transparent public charity with a mission to advance programs, policies, and practices that inspire a Lakewood community in which health and wellness are reflected in all aspects of life.


Guiding Principles of The Healthy Lakewood Foundation:

  • The stewardship of resources is rooted in humility, integrity, and community voice.
  • Organizational practices should be transparent and informed by authentic dialogue and engagement.
  • Health and wellness can be promoted in ways that are both innovative and evidence‐based.
  • Opportunities, strategies, and initiatives should leverage new and existing resources that result in sustainable impact.
  • Positive change is driven by shared priorities, coordinated efforts, and trust.

The Board Selection Committee of the task force is actively seeking passionate, diverse, and committed board members for the inaugural board of the Healthy Lakewood Foundation.

For additional information and to access the application, please visit, or call 216‐529‐6600 to request a copy be sent to you, or pick up an application at Lakewood City Hall.

Completed applications may be submitted in the following formats:

  • Via email,
  • Via U.S. Mail:
    Healthy Lakewood Foundation
    c/o Business Volunteers United
    1300 E. 9th Street, Suite 1805
    Cleveland, Ohio 44114
  • In-Person Drop-Off:
    Mayor’s Office
    Lakewood City Hall
    12650 Detroit Avenue
    Lakewood, OH 44107

Deadline to submit applications is Sunday, May 6, 2018.

Note: The Board Selection Committee is a committee of the Foundation Planning Task Force, a group of residents appointed by the Mayor and City Council in furtherance of Article IV. of the Master Agreement dated December 21, 2015. Although the Healthy Lakewood Foundation, when incorporated, will be an independent 501(c)(3) corporation, the application, and interview process to create the foundation and select the inaugural board is being conducted through a public entity task force. As a result, the application and interview process will be open and available to the public pursuant to Ohio’s public record and open meeting laws. If you have any questions about how that affects the process please contact Jennifer Swallow, City of Lakewood, Assistant Chief Law Director, 216‐529‐6036.