Lakewood Art Mural Program Promotes Creation of Public Art | The City of Lakewood, Ohio

Lakewood Art Mural Program Promotes Creation of Public Art

August 27, 2018

Through a collaboration with the Willow Room Salon, the City of Lakewood has brought International Artist Maureen Walsh home to Lakewood for the creation of a new public art mural at the intersection of Detroit and Summit Avenues (15724 Detroit Avenue). This work was supported through cost-sharing from the Lakewood Art Mural Program (LAMP).

The goal of the Lakewood Art Mural Program is to energize private investment in public art in the form of murals that will enhance our commercial corridors and create a sense of place. This program is rooted in the belief that public art has the ability to provide aesthetic beauty, to educate and inspire, to stimulate commerce and increase real estate values, to build better citizens and provide for cultural interpretation, to increase tourism and provide other benefits. In addition, public art: enhances our experience of a place and our quality of life; engenders a sense of pride and community identity; reaches audiences outside of museums, galleries and theaters; adds beauty to everyday life; declares the worth of a place and a time in our shared cultures. The City of Lakewood has long been interested in supporting art in our community and created the Public Art Task Force in 2016 to better understand public art’s role in the community and to collect recommendations. As a result of this effort, the Lakewood Art Mural Program was created as a cost-share program that will fund up to 40% of the total project cost, with a max contribution of $1,500.

The mural is a partnership of the Willow Room Salon (the business sponsor), International Visionary Artist Maureen Walsh, and Lake Point Medical Group (the building owners, formerly Premier Physicians). Maureen Walsh is a Lakewood native that has made waves around the world through the creation of expansive, large-scale works of art. “I moved away from Ohio many years ago, but I grew up in Lakewood. It’s so exciting to be back and to create a piece of public art for my hometown,” said Maureen Walsh. “It’s been amazing to collaborate with my friends at the Willow Room salon and to meet so many friends (old and new) during the creation process. The mural is inspired by my travels around the world and my meditation practice. My intention, especially with the bright colors, is to uplift and remind people that beauty exists around every corner.”

Are you interested in completing a project like this on your commercial building? The City of Lakewood wants to work with you! The City is still seeking applications to the Lakewood Art Mural Program. For more information, visit or contact Katelyn Milius, City Planner, at (216) 529-6634 or