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Lakewood Looking for Active Living Providers for Summer Programming

April 23, 2019

Can Lakewood become the healthiest community in the United States?  This is the question we, as a community, are trying to answer by creating awareness through education, discussion and alignment amongst community members, businesses and organizations.

In early March, we brought together various stakeholder organizations in the health, wellness and active living sectors. Ninety individuals came together had a discussion about the current state of health and how the Social Determinants of Health¹ (see attached flyer) affect our community; where prevention fits into the continuum of health; and finally, about a framework for addressing these issues on a broad scale which framework is being used nationally by many communities – the Blue Zones Project.

The response from this meeting was unanimously “I want to help make change in our community.”  Follow-up steps include the convening of a community steering committee, bringing in a panel of representatives from other communities to discuss their work, and initiating a few “pilot projects” to address nutrition/food access, increased movement and connectedness in our community.

How can we work together to build a culture of health in Lakewood? Active living and moving naturally play an important role in creating what is called a healthy Life Radius™ – the environment where people spend most of their lives. The city of Lakewood and the Lakewood Recreation Department are co-sponsoring “Active Living Programming in the Parks” this summer.

Active Living Programming in the Parks is part of the Live Well Lakewood healthy living initiative and is being planned for this summer sponsored by the city of Lakewood and the Lakewood Recreation Department with support of you, various activity providers in our community.  A summary of this program is as follows:

  • 6 week pilot program beginning June 15 thru July 31, 2019
  • 24 program dates distributed over the 6 week program
  • Compensation to the up to 24 activity providers at $50/program
  • Locations distributed between 4 parks: Cove, Madison, Kauffman and Lakewood Parks
  • Programming days will be:  Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
  • The city of Lakewood, Lakewood Recreation Department and the program providers will collaborate to promote the program and invite the community to join the various programs
  • Program providers will ask attendees to sign-in for the program using a city provided sign-in sheet and waiver.  In the promotion we will require all minors to be accompanied by an adult.
  • All program providers must be certified to teach the active programming being provided and must show proof of insurance coverage
  • All other park rules must be adhered to in the provision of this programming, including that no exchange of money should take place at the park, including collection of donations. (A copy of the park rules is attached)

If you are interested in participating in this Active Living program this summer and you can comply with the above requirements, please do the following to sign up:

  1. Go to the SignUp Genius link: 
  2. Select one date  that has not already been selected
  3. Complete the short on-line form and be sure to include
  4. The type of programming (e.g. yoga)
  5. The time for your program within the time-frames provided (Note: you may put TBD if you need some time to confirm the program time but are sure about the date
  6. You will receive an email confirmation from SignUp Genius, followed by an email from the City of Lakewood requesting completion of:  a) an application, b) vendor form for payment, c) proof of certification and d) proof of insurance.

If you have any questions please contact the Mayor’s office at:  216-529-6600.

Click here to see the list of dates available.