Lakewood Mayor Michael Summers Issues Statement Regarding Future of Healthcare in Lakewood | The City of Lakewood, Ohio

Lakewood Mayor Michael Summers Issues Statement Regarding Future of Healthcare in Lakewood

November 09, 2016

A strong local healthcare system is vital to Lakewood’s quality of life. Though we miss the century of service our beloved Lakewood Hospital delivered to us, we have excellent options before us that are responsive to our community’s needs. On November 8, the citizens of Lakewood affirmed the path we are on.

I appreciate and understand the sense of loss or the sense of confusion surrounding this issue that compelled many to vote against the strategy that is being implemented. In the months and years just ahead, all citizens will reap the benefits of the plan in place. We will have a state-of-the-art, outpatient-based clinic in the heart of downtown Lakewood.

We will have increased the amount of primary care available in our community while continuing to provide access to the world’s best specialists if needed. We will continue to have 24/7/365 emergency care in Lakewood. We will have a community-led wellness foundation, which will identify and fund ideas, programs and services that will help us to be healthier and fill the gaps of need specific to our community.

The city received fair financial compensation, providing investment resources to strengthen our already sound financial position. Finally, we have the opportunity to transform almost 6 acres of land in the heart of our downtown — an opportunity to further strengthen housing options, employment opportunities and our city tax base. This once-in-a-century redevelopment will take serious thought and time. At critical points, citizen input will ensure we make the best long-term decisions for this community.

Lakewood is a great city that is our home and a destination for many. It is strong and vibrant with residents that are invested in keeping it that way. We are on the right course.